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The new Home is spacious and well ventilated. Apart from the dormitories, there are separate kitchen facilities, milk preparation room, isolation room for children with suspected infectious diseases, adequate water supply, constant electricity supply made possible by an electrical generating plant as a stand-by to that supplied by the Nigerian Electrical Power Authority (NEPA). The Rotary Club of Bodija in ibadan donated a Washing machine. The Rotary Club of ibadan-oluyole in its 1999/2000 project included renovation of the children's wards replacement of windows and mosquito nets and painting of the entire home. Mrs. Solanke's vision extended beyond the home for Motherless Babies. She felt there was need to take care of children whose mothers had to go to work away from their homes. This dream was realized through the Bodija's lion club, an indigenous philanthropic organization based in ibadan. They donated a building in the premises of the Home for this purpose and thus Mrs. Solanke;s day care Centre was established in 1995. With all these developments, the interest of the life patron of the home, Cheif Bode Akindele was aroused and he donated to the home a multi- purpose hall. It is hoped that these buildings will form a muscle of a nursery/primary school in the nearest future.
The Expenditure of the Home has risen sharply in recent years and there is every indication that this will continue to be so for some time. The monthly expenditure for. The maintenance of the Home is approximately N550,0000 including staff salaries, Electricity, Telephone and hospital bills, fuel, vehicle maintenance, food drugs etc. since its inception in 1961, individuals from all works of life have assisted the home by voluntary donations in cash or kind. This has been the main source of funding especially in the recent years when Government Subvention has not been forth coming. The names of individuals, clubs both national and international, women groups, church societies who have supported the Home one way or the other are too numerous to mention. The Home is immense full of gratitude to these individuals and group of people who have constantly and continuously supported the Home over the years.
Regular visits from time to time by those approved by the home to do so, as human contact is needed for social stimulation and proper development of the children. Information on any other current needs of the Home will be supplied by the Matron in charge. 
Mrs Funsho Adegbola Chairman
Alhaji Moshood Habeeb Vice-Person
Prof. (Mrs.) Adefunke Oyemade Hon.Physician
Mrs. Kemi Makinde Member
Mrs. A.O. Babatunde Treasurer
Mr.Tomi Akingbogun Ex-Officio
Alhaji A.B. Salaam Ex-Officio
Prof. (Mrs.) Keshinro Secretary
Prof.(Mrs) Akinkugbe Member
Mrs. Titilayo Ojo Member
Dr.(Mrs.) R Oladokun Member
Alh. S.A. Adehan Member
Mrs. C.O. Odeyemi Matron
Mrs. J.A. Oke Assistant Matron
The motherless babies enjoy good quality medical care. The U.C.H. through the  institute of child Health immunizes the babies free of charge. Resident doctors in the department of preventive and social medicine are posted to the Home on weekly  basis and the Department of pediatrics sends their Consultants who offer free  medical inspection and treatment of minor ailments. (These need to be updated)  The Management maintains a medical account with the U.C.H for prompt medical  attention in case of emergencies. A member of the Board of Management who is  also a medical doctor has served for over three decades as Honorary Physician to the home. She advises from time on the medical aspect of the welfare of the babies. The day-to-day care of the babies is keenly supervised by the matron of the Home, a  highly experienced trained nurse whose specially is pediatric nursing. 
FOUNDER / LIFE PRESIDENT Late Chief Mrs. R.O  Solanke
MATRON Chief Mrs.G.Aduke Vaughan
PATRON Chief Bode Akindele
The Home is being managed by members of the Board of Management consisting  of men and woman of integrity and from all walks of life. The staff’s strength is  made up twenty three workers including direct care givers, cooks, gardener, driver,  typist and night guards. This is a 24-hour system of operation based on tree shifts. The activities of these  workers are supervised by the matron.